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  Study Abroad! CDM Brazil >> December 2010                                           

December 2010, the DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) hosted its study abroad program in Brazil. Associate Professor of Information Systems Olayele Adelakun Ph.D. accompanied 13 students to Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis and Sao Paulo for ten days of company visits and cultural exchange. The class met with several organizations and enjoyed a piece of Brazilian life that included great food, incredible music, magnificent natural views.  

The Study Abroad program is one of the many ways DePaul University connects students to the world. Exposing CDM students to the real-world of Information Technology in economically emerging countries through visits with various IT stakeholders in the organizations is the program's primary objective. Students learn about IT usage, management, development and policy with a focus on how the companies utilize IT to gain strategic advantage.


IS 597 Study Abroad, Brazil DePaul University

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